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Best Doughnut Recipes

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Top Rated Doughnut Recipes

The key to a successful doughnut is starting simply. This recipe is not only a quick way to bake delicious doughnuts, it pairs perfectly with a variety of toppings and glazes.

Mallory Staley, Pastry Chef at 9 Restaurant in New York City, makes a savory pumpkin cake doughnut, instead of traditional yeast ones because it "provides a better texure and I feel like it's not as fatty — even though I know that's silly to say." Her doughnuts are inspired by the season; she does a blueberry cake doughnut with a milkshake on the side during the warmer months.These spiced treats are fast and easy to make at home. If you need advice along the way, check out this slideshow of the doughnut-making process for some helpful tips and visuals. Enjoy! — Yasmin Fahr

The name of these doughnuts will stump a few people. What is brickle? Brickle is tiny bits of toffee pieces. They add a bit more crunch and flavor—you can get them in most baking aisles in your local supermarket.Recipe courtesy of Diary of a Mad Hausfrau

Baked chocolate chip doughnuts, glazed and dipped in cookie crumbs are a totally irresistible, totally easy, homemade dessert.This recipe is courtesy of Joy the Baker.

Mira Walilko won the Bake-off for a hearty beef casserole made with chickpeas and biscuits.This recipe was the grand prize winner of the Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest in 1963.Recipe courtesy of Pillsbury.Every other winning recipe from the Pillsbury Bake-Off.

Nutty clusters atop a chocolate glazed cake doughnut, inspired by Just a Taste.

We were in the region of Međimurje, in northern Croatia, during for the carnival-like celebration called Fašnik this February. This is a time of celebrations signifying the end of winter darkness and the welcoming of spring. During this time, there is a parade on Sunday through the center of the town of Čakovec. Here you can see people dressed up as scarecrows and masked demons, though some of the locals wear fancy dress outfits that aren’t as scary. At the end of the parade, they burn an effigy stuffed with hay to signify victory over the demons of darkness, as well as to mark the end of festivities. This is the occasion for people to eat krafne — doughnuts — and because they’re a specialty of this particular time of year, people can easily down three or four in one sitting.

Want to make fresh doughnuts without making dough? You won’t even need to bother with the deep fryer if you use Betty Crocker cake mix to make baked cake doughnuts.

Hot donuts off the grill? You bet! Serve this unique summertime dessert with fresh seasonal fruit and whipped cream.Recipe courtesy of McCormick

This copycat recipe will keep your doughnut demons at bay while you argue the perennial doughnut debate — Dunkin’ Doughnuts or Krispy Kreme (sorry, Dunkie’s loyalists). For the recipe, we went to the source — New Orleans — and found that Krispy Kreme doughnuts might have more to do with beignets then their shape suggest.


There is no need to purchase doughnuts during your morning commute when you have these easy doughnut recipes. From chocolate doughnuts to glazed doughnuts to doughnut hole recipes, we have them all!

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Easy Cronuts

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Lightning-Fast Pillsbury Biscuit Donuts

If you're craving doughnuts but don't have a lot of time or energy to make&hellip More

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Cinnamon Sugar Mini Donut Muffins

These cinnamon sugar muffins are not only adorable, they are also a great,&hellip More

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Homemade Apple Cider Doughnuts

Homemade Apple Cider Doughnuts are the perfect treat for crisp and&hellip More

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Farmstand Buttermilk Doughnuts

Why buy store-bought doughnuts when you have such a wonderful homemade&hellip More

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Apple Cider Donuts

"Summer mornings make me want to cover my head and go back to sleep.&hellip More

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Shortcut Boston Cream Doughnut Holes

Fans of Boston cream pies will certainly love these delicious Shortcut&hellip More

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Strawberry Puff Pastry Donuts

Savor the summer flavor with these flaky strawberry donuts! This puff&hellip More

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Best Baked Doughnuts Ever

This great baked doughnut recipe is the perfect breakfast treat. There's&hellip More

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Homemade Baked Jelly Doughnuts

Not even treats from your favorite doughnut shop can beat the taste of&hellip More

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Blissful Baked Coconut Doughnuts

Fans of coconut cakes will go crazy for Blissful Baked Coconut Doughnuts.&hellip More

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Mini Apple Cider Doughnuts with Cheesecake Filling

Mini Apple Cider Doughnuts with Cheesecake Filling are finger-licking&hellip More

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Crave-Worthy Copycat Cronuts

You don't have to wait in a line for hours outside of a New York bakery to&hellip More

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Semi-Homemade Canned Biscuit Donuts

For those days when you're craving homemade doughnuts but just don't have&hellip More

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Mini Meyer Lemon Doughnuts

Calling all lemon lovers You will adore Mini Meyer Lemon Doughnuts. This&hellip More

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Doughnut recipes

Whether you like your doughnuts baked or deep-fried, we've got a tempting range of these sweet, fluffy treats. Try filled jam doughnuts, iced rings and more.

Doughnut dough

Try our recipe for homemade doughnuts. Once you've tasted these irresistibly plump and sugary treats from doughnut master Justin Gellatly, there'll be no going back!

Doughnut muffins

These individual sugar-dipped cupcakes are baked not fried but taste just as delicious and are best straight from the oven

Raspberry jam doughnuts

Take your baking skills to new levels by making your own jam-filled doughnuts. Decorate with pink icing and freeze-dried raspberries for the wow factor

Coconut iced doughnuts

The trick to light, fluffy ring doughnuts is to develop the gluten by kneading well and leaving to rise for as long as you dare

Jam doughnuts

Make a batch of our sweet jam doughnuts for the ultimate indulgent treat. These pillowy soft doughnuts are well worth the effort and are great for sharing

Bite-sized toffee apple doughnuts

Master the art of deep frying and rustle up a batch of these irresistible mini-doughnuts filled with cinnamon caramel

Watermelon doughnuts

Bake these easy, no-yeast ring doughnuts for a fun kids' treat. They're easier than you think and perfect for a summer celebration

Blackberry doughnuts

Serve these blackberry doughnuts warm with custard, which goes particularly well with the zingy jam filling. They take a little effort but are so worth it

Baked mincemeat doughnuts

Get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy the pure pleasure of baking these mincemeat filled doughnuts

Rice pop doughnuts

These rice pop ring doughnuts are a fun activity for kids to get stuck into over the holidays. Just a few ingredients needed, no baking and plenty of sprinkles

Crab doughnuts

Savoury doughnuts are a delicious deep-fried treat. Decorate these perfect party nibbles with lemon zest and a few sprigs of cress

Hot sugared doughnuts

Sweet picnic-friendly treats that will be gobbled up in seconds by kids and adults alike

Mini elf doughnuts

Don't let Santa's elves get left out this Christmas! Kids will love to help bake and decorate these tiny treats and leave them by their stockings - and you can add some carrots for Rudolph too


What could be more indulgent than a croissant a doughnut combined? Edd Kimber's cheat's dough gives wonderful crisp layers

Custard filling

A thick and creamy vanilla custard, perfect for piping into plump doughnuts or featherlight eclairs

Bhg Recipes : The Best Doughnut Recipe Ever

Watch as Better Homes and Gardens shows you how to make the best doughnut recipe ever! No longer will you have to stop into your bakery to get these ever-popular breakfast foods: warm and flaky doughnuts. This easy doughnut recipe is great for sharing with family and friends at brunch. Start out one of your new favorite breakfast food ideas by measuring out 3-1/4 cups of all-purpose flour in a large mixing bowl. Add to this 1 tablespoon of baking powder, 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon, 3/4 teaspoon of salt, and 1/2 teaspoon of ground nutmeg. Combine the dry mixture and set this bowl aside for now as you turn your attention to combining the wet ingredients. Mix 1/3 cup of milk and 1/2 cup of melted butter together in a measuring cup and set this aside, too. Continue creating these homemade doughnuts by cracking 4 eggs into a large mixing bowl. Pour in 2/3 cup of sugar to the bowl of eggs and beat with an electric mixer on high until it thickens after about five minutes. Add in the milk and butter mixture, stirring with a wooden spoon to bring this breakfast food to a creamy consistency. Add the dry ingredients and stir again until the dough is smooth. Cover the doughnuts recipe with plastic wrap and let it chill in your refrigerator for at least two hours. Once the dough is chilled, it will remain slightly sticky, so lightly flour your work surface before forming your homemade doughnuts. Roll out the dough evenly to 1/2-inch thickness. To cut the dough, you can use a floured doughnut cutter if you have one, or a 2 1/2-inch round cutter and a1 1/4-inch round cutter to make the hole in the center. In a deep fryer or Dutch oven, heat 1 quart of cooking oil to 375 degrees, using a candy thermometer to check the heat of the oil. Begin frying the doughnuts two or three at a time, allowing them to fry for 2-1/2 minutes and flipping them halfway through so they come out golden brown. Drain the doughnuts on paper towels and continue frying the remaining doughnuts and doughnut holes. This cake doughnut recipe is fine to eat as is, but for a sweet bonus, coat the doughnuts with powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar. These breakfast ideas are a great way to bring a bit of the bakery magic into your home!

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Lemon poppy seed donuts become a sweet-looking garden when it's topped with sugary, brilliant edible flowers. Hello, Spring!

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Use a deep pan to heat the oil. I used a shallow one to be able to take better pictures, but this provides a real fire hazard. So be safe!

Heat your oil to 350F (180C). A thermometer makes this part fool-proof, and you can monitor the heat to make sure it stays in this prime frying range.

I like to use a scrap of donut first to test different frying times.

Even after you take the donut out of the oil, the remaining oil on it is hot enough to continue cooking it!

Carefully place the donuts in the oil. Cook on each side for about one minute. Use chopsticks to flip the donuts and remove them from the oil.

Place donuts on a rack or paper bags or paper towels to drain.

10 Best Homemade Doughnut Recipes

It’s always a good day when the topic in question is doughnuts. Or is it donut? It seems that these two words are often used interchangeably these days, but I wanted to figure out the story behind the variations on the term for this sweet, sticky, scrumptious treat. After some light reading and research, I found that both words are correct, but the original version, as well as the only accepted dictionary spelling of the word is ‘doughnut.’ So, being the rule-follower and grammar-lover that I am, I have decided to go with ‘doughnut’ throughout this post (and for my personal use of the word forevermore!). But, feel free to use any version of the word that best suits you because, after all, that doughnut will still taste darn good, no matter how you spell it!

Today, I’ve found the top 10 best homemade doughnut recipes that will be much too hard to resist for your next brunch or holiday gathering. From breakfast to midnight-snack, these doughnuts would be good any time of the day, and I can guarantee that your friends and family will be singing your praises for days to come once you whip up any (or all!) of these recipes.

In case you haven’t heard, Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City has just released its famous recipe for the ever-popular cronut. If you’re feeling extra ambitious this weekend, here’s a bonus eleventh doughnut for you to spend the next three days baking up. Enjoy!

Best Doughnut Recipes

National Doughnut Week is nearly upon us. Celebrate early with our delicious doughnut recipes.

National Doughnut Week is actually a thing and we’re not complaining. As it’s nearly upon us (11-18th May), we round up the best doughnut recipes to celebrate this joyous occasion early.

Fruity Doughnuts

Brighten up your day with these colourful delights. They make a perfect addition to your garden party and go down a treat with guests.

Ice-Cream Sandwiches

Upgrade your standard doughnut with these delicious, quick and easy hacks. From Nutella and Oreos to peanut butter and jelly, personalise your doughnut to fit your fancy.

Ube Doughnuts

Ube’s flavour has been likened to a combination of white chocolate, pistachio, vanilla and coconut. What better way to try ube for the first time… in a doughnut!

Gluten Free Doughnuts

Sometimes a classic doughnut is all you need. This is a perfect gluten free alternative to your all time favourite.

Sushi Doughnuts

Last but certainly not least, check out this modern twist on a classic dessert. An aesthetically pleasing alternative to your summer lunch!

Sugared ring doughnuts

In a small pan, bring milk almost to the boil. Take off heat, add butter to melt and set aside until just warm.

In a large bowl, mix flours, sugar, yeast, egg and milk mixture to make a rough dough. Scrape on to a lightly floured surface, and knead for 10min. Return to clean, greased bowl, cover with clingfilm and leave to rise in a warm place until doubled in size - about 1 1/2hr.

Roll out dough on a lightly floured surface to 1cm (1/2in) thick. Cut out 8cm (3 1/4in) rounds using a plain cutter, then cut a central 2cm (3/4in) hole from centre of each. Reroll trimmings as needed. You should have 8-10 rings. Spin doughnuts around your index finger to expand holes slightly.

Arrange doughnuts on a large baking sheet lined with baking parchment, spacing apart. Cover loosely with lightly greased clingfilm (oil-side down) and leave to rise in a warm place for 20min.

Fill a large deep frying pan 1/3 fll with oil and heat to 165°C - a piece of bread in it should sizzle to golden in about 15sec. Put suga into a shallow bowl. Fry doughnuts in oil in batches for about 3-4min, turning midway through cooking - or until rich golden on both sides. Lift on to kitchen paper to drain briefly before coating in sugar. Best served warm.

For the dough

  • 500g strong white bread flour
  • 60g golden caster sugar
  • 15g fresh yeast, crumbled
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 tsp fine sea salt
  • 125g softened unsalted butter
  • about 2 litres sunflower oil, for deep-frying for tossing


Put 150g water and all the dough ingredients, apart from the butter, into the bowl of a mixer with a beater paddle. Mix on a medium speed for 8 mins or until the dough starts coming away from the sides and forms a ball. Turn off the mixer and let the dough rest for 1 min.

Start the mixer up again on a medium speed and slowly add the butter to the dough – about 25g at a time. Once it is all incorporated, mix on high speed for 5 mins until the dough is glossy, smooth and very elastic when pulled.

Cover the bowl with cling film or a clean tea towel and leave to prove until it has doubled in size. Knock back the dough in the bowl briefly, then re-cover and put in the fridge to chill overnight.

The next day, take the dough out of the fridge and cut it into 50g pieces (you should get about 20).

Roll the dough pieces into smooth, tight buns and place them on a floured baking tray, leaving plenty of room between them, as you don’t want them to stick together while they prove.

Cover loosely with cling film and leave for 4 hrs or until doubled in size. Fill your deep-fat fryer or heavy-based saucepan halfway with oil. Heat the oil to 180C.

When the oil is heated, carefully slide the doughnuts from the tray using a floured pastry scraper. Taking care not to deflate them, put them into the oil. Do 2-3 per batch, depending on the size of your fryer or pan.

Fry for 2 mins each side until golden brown – they puff up and float, so you may need to gently push them down after about 1 min to help them colour evenly.

Remove the doughnuts from the fryer and place them on kitchen paper.

Toss the doughnuts in a bowl of caster sugar while still warm. Repeat the steps until all the doughnuts are fried, but keep checking the oil temperature is correct – if it is too high, they will burn and be raw in the middle if it is too low, the oil will be absorbed into the doughnuts and they will become greasy. Set aside to cool before filling.

To fill the doughnuts, make a hole with a small knife in the crease of each one, anywhere around the white line between the fried top and bottom.

Fill a piping bag with your filling and pipe into the doughnut until nicely swollen – 20-50g is the optimum quantity, depending on the filling cream will be less, because it is more aerated. After filling, the doughnuts are best eaten straight away, but will keep in an airtight tin.

Custard filling: Try out Justin's custard filling and, if you like, add different flavours to the custard as follows.

Brown sugar: Replace the caster sugar with half soft dark brown sugar and half light brown sugar. You can add chopped stem ginger to the finished custard, or some hazelnut praline. Finish with half the quantity of cream.

Chocolate: Whisk 150g dark (70%) chocolate into the milk. Finish with half the cream.

Coffee: Add 4 tbsp of freshly ground strong coffee to the milk.

Malt & vanilla: Mix 2 tbsp of powdered malt into the sugar, and 2 tbsp of liquid malt into the milk.

Saffron: Add a good pinch of saffron to the milk. Finish with half the quantity of cream.

Violet custard: Add 3 tsp of violet extract and 3 tbsp of violet liqueur to the finished custard. Sprinkle sugared violets and crushed Parma Violet sweets over the top of the filled doughnuts.