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Chicken with tomato sauce

Chicken with tomato sauce

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Chicken with tomato sauce by of 27-04-2007 [Updated on 04-05-2015]

Chicken with tomato sauce is a very popular second in my house. This recipe is from my mom who calls it alla cacciatora, although this is not the recipe to prepare it, this recipe in fact consists of a sauce with fresh tomatoes and plenty of basil where you will then go to flavor the browned chicken legs and blend with the wine (I use red), a fake cacciatore in practice, but very good;)


How to make tomato chicken

Make cuts in the chicken legs and brown them (with all the skin) without oil in a deep skillet, turning them often until golden brown on both sides (about 30 minutes).

As soon as the legs are well cooked, add a glass of red wine and set them aside.

In the cooking sauce, fry the garlic and the chopped chilli pepper, then add the fresh tomatoes and make a sauce. Season with salt and cook for 5 minutes.

Then put the skinned chicken back into the sauce obtained

Cook the chicken over low heat for about ten minutes, turning the legs often to flavor them in the sauce.

Serve your chicken on the plates and bring a nice piece of bread to the table, because there will be a shoe to make :)

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