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Thermomix Caprese cake

Thermomix Caprese cake

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Thermomix Caprese Cake Recipe by of 03-04-2015 [Updated on 04-09-2018]

Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, the Caprese cake is typical of the island of Capri but is well known throughout Italy. It is prepared with an almond base, which makes this cake particularly aromatic, and is sprinkled with a rich layer of icing sugar. The contrast of the dark base and the light surface characterizes the Caprese cake which is recognized by all at first glance. Here is how you too can prepare the caprese cake with the Thermomix.


How to make the caprese with the thermomix

Separate the yolks from the whites, and whip the latter until stiff with the butterfly, for 2-3 min. at 37 °, vel. 4, then set them aside.
Chop almonds and sugar for 30 sec., Vel. Turbo, and set aside.
Also chop the chocolate for 10 sec. at vel. Turbo, then set for 30 sec. 50 ° and speed 3. If necessary, add another 30 sec. (depends on the chocolate).
Add butter and sugar and melt at 50 ° for 1-2 min., Speed. 3.
Then add the almonds and yeast and add to vel. 2 for 1 min.
Start adding the yolks, one at a time, at speed. 2 for 1-2 min.
Finally put the butterfly back and stir in the egg whites for 1 min. vel. 2, spatulate and then another 30 sec., always at vel. 2.

Grease a mold and sprinkle it with cocoa (instead of flour).
Pour the mixture into it.
Cook at 180 ° C for about 35 minutes.
Let it cool before taking it out of the mold, turning it upside down on a serving dish.
Let it cool completely then sprinkle with powdered sugar, cut into slices and serve.

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