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Cheese grape balls

Cheese grape balls

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Recipe Cheese balls of grapes of 11-12-2013 [Updated on 01-07-2016]

Hello everyone, this nice appetizer comes from Alice Cucina magazine a few months ago, when I saw the recipe I immediately thought that these cheese grape balls would be perfect as a Christmas appetizer, prepared, tasted and here they are. The recipe is very simple and quick to make, so that even those with little time can bring something more delicious to the table without too much effort and the result is also nice to see, I used philadelphia, but any spreadable cheese is fine , I spent the balls in chopped almonds and pistachios, but clearly they lend themselves to different coatings, well I hope I have given you an idea to enrich your lunch;) Kisses and good day to those who pass by.


How to make cheese grape balls

Put the cheese and Parmesan in a bowl and knead until creamy

Shape the cheese into balls

At the center of each push a grape

Then roll up and form the ball again

Roll half the cheese grape balls in the chopped almonds and half in the pistachio one

Keep in the fridge until serving time and bring them to the table by piercing them with a toothpick

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