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Orecchiette with broccoli

Orecchiette with broccoli

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Recipe Orecchiette with broccoli by of 08-02-2010 [Updated on 03-02-2017]

Orecchiette with broccoli are a must in my house, my mom prepares them at least once a week because everyone likes them. To the classic recipe of pasta with friarielli, he adds breadcrumbs or crumbs of bread toasted in oil, a real goodness.The friarielli are a typical Neapolitan vegetable, which is difficult to find in the rest of Italy, being similar to turnip tops but with a slightly bitter taste, you can use those in the preparation of this first course.


How to make Orecchiette with broccoli

Brown a clove of garlic and a chilli in plenty of extra virgin olive oil.
Clean and wash the friarelli, breaking up the thickest leaves and the most tender stems,
add salt and cook for about 20 minutes turning them from time to time.

When cooked, shred the broccoli with a pair of scissors and set aside.

In a frying pan, heat a little oil and when it is hot, add the small pieces of bread and toast them.

Cook the orecchiette in abundant salted water, drain and pour them into a large bowl together with the broccoli and add the toasted bread.

Mix everything then serve the orecchiette with the broccoli on the plates: P

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