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Appetizer with ham (ham)

Appetizer with ham (ham)

Peel the tomatoes. I did according to the method on Cevabun, and it went very well and I thank them.

Put a pot of water to boil over medium heat. Put very cold water in a bowl, even with ice. Stick a red fork on the back. With a well-sharpened knife, grow the red in the shape of a cross, at the top, just enough to cut the skin a little. Introduce the tomato with a fork in boiling water for 1 minute. Remove and place in cold water.

Remove the fork and put in the second tomato and do the same. I made bruschettas at home, but they can be bought. Toast the bread; put them in a tray and put them in the oven for 10 minutes until they harden. I fried them and then dried them on top of the toaster because I didn't make much of a force. : D

Grease with a layer of tomatoes. A very good and effective appetizer comes out. : D

Ingredients for appetizer cake

  • 4 eggs
  • 200 g flour
  • 200 ml cooking cream
  • 50 g butter at room temperature
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder with saffron
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon pepper
  • 1 teaspoon oregano
  • 1 teaspoon chilli flakes
  • 100 g canned sweet corn
  • 1 small capsicum pepper
  • 150 g mozzarella
  • 150 g turkey ham
  • 100 g pitted black olives
  • 3 green onion threads

How do we prepare the appetizer cake?

Mix whole eggs with sour cream, flour, baking powder and diced soft butter.

Add the well-drained corn, diced chopped peppers, chopped turkey ham, sliced ​​black olives, grated mozzarella and finely chopped green onion.
Season to taste with salt, pepper, dried oregano and chilli flakes.

Homogenize the composition and place it on baking paper in the Crock-Pot DuraCeramic 6 l Saute slow cooker bowl.

Put the lid on and set the High mode for 2 hours.

After the program is over, carefully remove the appetizer cake and let it cool, then you can cut it.

How to prepare the traditional ham recipe?

ham is prepared in several stages, each with its importance:

1. Marinating, tenderizing, seasoning - for at least 1 week.

2. Tight binding-to have beautiful shape.

6. Leave to cool in the juice in which it boiled.

8. Final Drainage & ndash maturation.

The dirty pulp is washed and drained well, so that it has no more water, then sprinkled with all the spices, freshly ground or crushed in a mortar, crushed garlic and sliced ​​onion. 1-2 bay leaves are finely chopped and sprinkled on top, pour the wine, then massage the meat very well. I put everything in a bag and tie it tightly, then I put it in the cold and from time to time I return the bag, because marinade to penetrate the flesh on all sides. Keep in this marinade for at least 1 week and always return, so that the marinade is done evenly. After this time, remove the meat, shake with spices and onions and roll tightly, then tie with string (make a fabric from the string around, to hold well).

Leave it to the wind, to blow it, in a ventilated place, for at least 24 hours, to dry, then give it to smoked, for 24-36 hours. The smoke must be cold, very little hot and it is ideal that the smoking is done only with wood or sawdust from the fruit tree. Then we go to the boil. & # 128578

Put the pulp on boiled, in the water with bay leaves and let it boil covered, over low heat, 1 hour from the moment the water boiled, then turn off the heat and let it cool in the juice until the next day. If the juice decreases, fill it with hot water (not cold), so that the pulp is permanently covered with liquid and put a lid on it. After cooling, place it between 2 wooden bottoms and place weights on top, to give shape and leave for a few hours.

It is given again in the wind, in a ventilated and cold place, to dry well, for 1 day, then you can cut and eat this wonderful ham.

Prepared in this way, the ham (ham, pulp) is absolutely wonderful, tasty, It is tender, fragrant and juicy, and the color is a pink absolutely gorgeous.

And everything prepared naturally, without any preservatives.

If desired, after boiling you can grease the ham immediately, when hot, with Paprika sweet or spicy, pepper, garlic, greens, combined to taste.

If the weather is cold and you have a place to keep it in a ventilated place, this ham can be left out. I prefer to cut it into suitable pieces and put it in the freezer and take it out a little, to eat it fresh.

If you have nowhere to smoke, you can just boil it. The color will no longer be pink but a gray-brown, but I guarantee that the taste will be wonderful. The fact that it has no preservatives at all, makes this boiled ham not pink. It will look exactly like any other cooked meat.

Instead, the ham that is boiled after smoking takes on a pinkish-red color, absolutely gorgeous. I made over time both boiled and boiled + smoked, so I saw the difference.

What else can I tell you? As it is cut into extremely fine slices without problems, it does not crumble, both ham and rolls can be made from this ham, without problems. All you need is a knife with a long and very sharp blade.

I am waiting for your opinions, suggestions, criticisms & ndash for me they are all welcome and constructive, so that I can offer you the best recipes.

What other recipes home-made meat dishes, natural, do you want me to write to you? Leave me comments below. & # 128578

Photos received from readers who tried the recipe :)

If you try these recipes, please send us your pictures and impressions & # 128578

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All about jamon, the traditional ham of Spain

Imagine thin slices of dark red ham like rose petals, sitting on a hand-painted plate. Imagine whole pieces of ham sitting in the mountain air to freeze. And imagine a piece of them hanging in Spanish kitchens, ready to be served at any time for a snack.

Jamon. In Spain, ham (ham) means hospitality. The ham is Spain itself. Of all the types of ham in Europe, the one in Spain is considered to be the highest quality.

In Spain there are two names when it comes to traditional ham, and both are reasons for joy among lovers of this food.

One of the two names is Jamon Serrano & # 8211 Serrano ham- a kind of country-smoked ham that is made only from white pork. From ancient times, in the mountains of Spain, ham is wrapped in sea salt and left to hang from the rafters of houses to smoke. 18 months later, the ham was ready to be served in places specially designed for passers-by. They stopped to enjoy a small snack consisting of a few thin slices of this famous ham and, at the same time, of Manchego cheese. Today, Serrano Ham accounts for about 90% of Spain's annual ham production.

This food combines traditional methods with modern facilities. Peter's production are chosen only pigs with white meat and which were fed exclusively on grain. These pigs are specimens of several species: Duroc, Pietrain, Landrace, etc. Compared to other types of ham produced in other countries, Serrano Ham is clearly superior. It is distinguished by its texture, its intense red color and its strong taste.

Iberico ham it is the pride of Spain. The history of animals whose meat is used for this type of ham dates back to prehistory, when non-speakers ran freely throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Columbus had several such pigs on his ship, Santa Monica, when he discovered the New World. A family member who founded claims that the ham produced by his family members is one of the finest in the world. This family organization dates back to 1996. Jambon Iberico is produced from the meat of a species of pig from southwestern Portugal & # 8211 Iberian pig, much fatter, with a unique marbled meat. Unlike the Bellota species, they are fed exclusively on cereals and are only left outdoors for a short time, at which time various herbs are added to their diet.

Acorn-fed Iberian ham is a subcategory of Iberico Jamon. The treatment of these pigs is different. They are allowed to roam the meadows of Dechesa, and in autumn, when the time of slaughter approaches, they are stuffed with Belluga truffles to gain weight. The results are not long in coming: pigs gain a kilogram a day. One drawback would be that much of the fat in meat is monounsaturated.

Both types of Iberico Ham are smoked between 24 and 48 months, losing more than half of their initial weight due to the disappearing fats. When the smoking process is over, the ham has a unique taste due to unsaturated fats, a complex aroma and an incredible ruby ​​color.

If you visit Spain, look in the markets for the real thing jamon and enjoy a few thinly sliced ​​slices (it's an art of cutting ham, but about that, another time) to understand live the differences between traditional Spanish ham and supermarket products.

Ham and watermelon

If you want to leave aside the heavy Romanian appetizers and prepare an original, tasty and easy appetizer for your little one, we offer you an Italian one, namely: ham and watermelon sau in the original version "ham and melon". A light snack for a summer day, ham and watermelon is an option not to be neglected, especially if the whole family, led by the little one gathered at a barbecue.

Ham pancakes they will kidnap you for a few hours in the kitchen, but the end result is worth the sacrifice. Your little one will be grateful for this typical French dish. Here are the steps you need to take to prepare some ham pancakes that are only good for licking your fingers:

Cut the mushrooms as small as you can and put them in the lemon juice.

Cut the ham into small pieces, in the same style as the mushrooms.

Fry the mushrooms in oil and simmer for ten minutes. Stir often in the pan.

Add flour and mix well until you get a yellow sauce.

Then pour 4 tablespoons of water mixed with flavors, salt and pepper.

Bring the mixture to a boil a few times and add the wine.

The mixture should boil for another fifty minutes.

Add chopped ham, sour cream and chopped parsley. Boil over low heat until the sauce is reduced.

At the end, add the beaten egg. The composition should be creamy, not juicy.

Put the first pancake in a bowl that will go in the oven and add on each pancake the composition thus obtained. The pancakes are placed in the form of sandwiches on top of each other.

On the last pancake you can add a tablespoon of grated cheese and a tablespoon of sour cream.

Put the container in the oven for 10-15 minutes.

Although the French recipe, pancakes with ham they can be served with commercial ketchup or homemade tomato sauce. Usually the preparation is consumed hot. Have a good appetite!


Ham is the Spanish word for ham, but used internationally refers to Spanish ham, dried pork.

  • Serrano ham & # 8211 dried pork ham (the word serrano means & # 8220from the mountains & # 8221)
  • Iberian ham & # 8211 high quality dried ham containing Iberian pork (also called black leg)

The quality and price are given by the pork species from which the ham is prepared, but especially by the pig's diet. Iberian ham (the more expensive version of jamón) has, in turn, 3 quality categories:

  • Iberian acorn-fed ham & # 8211 the most expensive variety of Spanish dry ham, made from Iberian pork, fed only with acorns
  • Iberian ham de recebo & # 8211 Spanish dry ham, made from Iberian pork, fed with a combination of acorns and cereals
  • Iberian feed ham & # 8211 simple version of Iberian ham from Iberian pork, fed with cereals

In Romania, jamón serrano is sold (either ready packaged or sliced ​​on the spot at the sausage section).

Hamis similar to the Italian version of dried ham & # 8211 raw ham & # 8211 with which it can be replaced in recipes.

Chicken rice in singaporezm style photo source: The Woks of life

1. Singapore

Singaporeans are said to have two weaknesses: food and shopping.

You may not know it, but in this island city there are about 15,000 outdoor food stalls.

Some stands have gained fame after receiving the coveted Michelin stars. However, it is impossible not to find something that does not catch your eye. A

the mixture of flavors and dishes from all the cuisines of the world give you the impression that you are in the biggest culinary bazaar.

From Chinese, Indian, Arabic or Malaysian food, from sweets and appetizing dishes to the strangest dishes, they all arouse your curiosity and imagination.

Among the most famous Singaporean dishes are "chicken rice", "chilli crab" or "sup tulang" & # 8211 marrow soup.

Gai Pad Krakow, photo source: The Woks of Life

2. Bangkok, Thailand

An exotic dream destination!

We could say about Bangkok that it is among the best culinary destinations in Thailand.

Thai cuisine is famous for its spicy and aromatic taste and creative combinations of dishes.

It is not in vain that they boast of being a gourmet people.

It seems that the most used ingredient in the preparation of culinary delights is coconut milk.

Among the most delicious and appreciated Thai dishes are the traditional chicken soup with coconut sauce known as "tom kha kai" and "khao pad", a kind of fried rice with meat, onion, eggs and tomatoes.

We let you discover the other eccentric combinations by visiting the Thai lands.

A portion of guacamole, photo source: Jamie Oliver

3. Mexico City, Mexico

A tequilla, a sombrero and a tacos, please!

Mexico City-one of the most interesting culinary destinations in the world. Mexican cuisine is highly valued internationally, especially for the variety of ingredients and the multitude of spices as well as for the spicy taste of the dishes.

The basic elements of Mexican dishes are beans, corn, pumpkin and hot peppers.

Interestingly, some traditional recipes were left even by their Aztec ancestors.

No one can resist a portion of guacamole with nachos or a steaming quesadilla. Ai & # 8230.ariba!


4. Barcelona, ​​Spain

It excels in the chapter "culinary delights".

Seafood, paella, gazpacho or tortilla are the main delicacies that Spanish cuisine offers.

Discover these traditional dishes in the multitude of restaurants that beautify the streets of Barcelona or choose to wander through the huge square "La Bouqueria".

From here you can buy everything from fresh Catalan olive oil to seafood and the classic "jamon iberico". Ham prepared according to a traditional Spanish recipe.

Kkorec, photo source:

5. Istanbul, Turkey

The city of sultans! A city on two continents, which has taken over both European and Asian influences.

The streets are full of street vendors urging you to appreciate their merchandise. Food stalls and stands are everywhere.

Here you can find everything from traditional simits (pretzels) and Turkish pizza (lahmacun), to the most bizarre dishes such as kokoreç (lamb entrails roasted over a charcoal fire).

As for dessert & # 8230 don't worry & # 8230baclavale are in full swing.

Only Istanbul is their motherland!

photo source: Pinterest

6. Palermo, Italy

A Neapolitan pizza, please!

When we say Italy, we are already thinking of pizza, pasta and seafood. If so far only Rome and Turin have caught your eye, dare to go further south, to Palermo.

Here you can also visit romantic restaurants and stalls with street food.

Here are some excellent dishes that you can enjoy in the Mediterranean city: arancini and crocche.

And let's not forget that this is the home of pizza! You can't refuse a slice of Neapolitan pizza with mozzarella and tomatoes!

Bon appetit!

photo source:

7. New York, USA & # 8211 everyone's American dream!

New York is home to hot dogs and fast food. Tasty, easy to eat and especially handy, hot dogs are the most sought after.

Americans have easily adapted to the throbbing and hectic life, especially when they have tasty and "ready-made" food available.

Tons of fast food can be found on every street corner, not to mention the famous McDonald's, KFC or Subway brands, which have spread all over the world.

Huge beef or pork burgers, crispy corn cones with shanghai chicken or delicious chocolate icing donuts are the best-selling but also the most appetizing dishes. Try them if you get there and you will be convinced!

Costachel's recipe with the cupbearer's recommendation

I really don't know why asparagus is not a more popular vegetable in our lands. To grow, grow, thank you, popularization efforts have been made since the interwar period. Anyway, I will not solve here the problem for which this vegetable is passed to the fite category, I better give you a recipe that sounds like that (with Maltese sauce, hear, you, girl!), But it's really very simple and unpretentious, especially if you master the secrets of the Dutch sauce (as in fact this Maltese is nothing but the Dutch, but with orange instead of lemon).

Well, that being said, the necessary ingredients are: 1 kg fresh asparagus, 3 egg yolks, 225 g fresh butter, 1 orange, salt and pepper.

Start by cleaning the asparagus. If it is fresh fire, then all you have to do is break it at the base (4-5 cm) and you're done, you've got rid of the wood. But as you will probably not have this luck, cut the ends with a sharp knife (about 4-5 cm must be removed) and clean the stems with the help of the special cleaning tool (potato cleaner or as they will call each other) , pressing gently. As for boiling, you have three options at hand: either plain, in boiling salted water (8-10 minutes for green asparagus, 15-20 for white asparagus), or in steam, or in the so-called classic and somehow mixed version. asparagus sheaf, bring to a boil, standing, and the water level should reach below the tops, so that they, younger, boil in steam). Regardless of the method, to be sure, prick a wire with a knife or a toothpick. If it is soft, but still feels a certain firmness, it is ready (al dente, I would say, if it were pasta). Remove the asparagus threads and pass them under a stream of cold water, thus stopping the boiling and, in the case of green asparagus, this trick also helps to maintain the color.

Ideally, while the asparagus is boiling, take care of the sauce (if you can't, prepare it in advance and keep it warm in a thermos). I told you about the two main methods of solving the problem when we were talking about the Dutch sauce, so I can only mention that the lemon juice is replaced with the orange one, the grated peel also enters our Maltese (although, if it seems too shiny, better not, because it is not known with which donkeys they were treated) and that it would not be bad, however, to have at hand some lemon juice, for a possible sour addition.

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