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Snowmen cookies

Snowmen cookies

Separate eggs. Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until they froth, add the sugar, vanilla sugar and continue beating until the foam hardens. Gradually add the yolks, oil, baking powder, flour and mix well. A soft, flowing dough is obtained.

Part of the composition obtained is poured into a bowl and mixed well with 2 teaspoons of cocoa.

Pour from the white and black composition, in a tray with a special baking sheet or foil, alternating and decorating according to your imagination. I made some snowmen, other raisin cookies, lemon peel, finely chopped shit and ground walnuts.

Place the tray in the oven, over medium heat, for about 10 minutes or until golden on the edges. Bake fairly quickly, so don't leave them too long to keep them dry. I got 5 trays of cookies.

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7. You've never talked to yourself that much.

You will find yourself talking to yourself more and more often. You'll find that it's been minutes since you've talked to your thoughts. It is a new way of communicating, which will grow and become more coherent and wise. You may receive messages about what is going to happen, meet people you knew you were going to see, go to places that will seem familiar to you, even though you have never seen them before. No, you're not crazy, it's the "boys" upstairs who take care of your "move".

Today's message is authored by Lightworkers Sandra Walter and Phil Good, translated by Mihaela Dan.

Mankind is going through unprecedented times. We are in full process of change through which we detach ourselves from a world as we always knew it and under our eyes a new world is being built in which our functioning will be from the space and energy of the heart and less of the mind. If you live in these times on Earth, it means that your soul has chosen to participate in this unique phenomenon through which the vibration of the planet increases and automatically everything is transformed into actions, behaviors, patterns, thoughts, emotions. All must be of a higher vibration, compatible with that of the light codes that have been bathing the Earth for at least 2 years now. Why have many of us lived and are living deep existential crises on a personal, professional, relationship, identity level? Why do many of us feel lost, without direction, while others walk the road easily?

What the soul intends to live in the incarnation will live, no matter what "opinion" the mind has. But the experience can be pleasant, not turbulent. For this, the message is clear: Change, man, to be well!

But easy to say, harder to do. But there are many guides that guide us, Lightworkers who have precious messages for humanity on how to live, what to let go of old patterns of thinking and action, so that we can adapt to new energies. They are like a compass and a flashlight on the way through a beautiful but unknown forest where we now build paths. The important thing is that we are not alone in this journey, regardless of challenges or experiences.

Anyone who has ever had pain & icircn g & acirct, knows how uncomfortable this health problem is and how much discomfort it can create. In addition to the physical effects, the pain affects us a lot and mentally, because it induces a state of accentuated irritability.

Who does not want to get rid of this inconvenience as soon as possible when he is struck by it? For this purpose there is a very simple and at the same time very effective recipe, due to the fact that its beneficial effects are installed only two hours after the first administration. The natural remedy for back pain is ideal from the first symptoms. The sensation of irritation or discomfort in the body, which worsens every time we swallow, will thus become just a bad memory.

Goodbye difficulty swallowing, goodbye pain during speech, goodbye dryness of the throat! Redness and swelling of the tonsils, pus or white spots on the tonsils, hoarseness and lack of appetite will disappear from the vocabulary of those affected by pain & icircn g & acirct. The first time we need to make sure what the cause of the pain is: whether it is triggered by a virus or a bacterial infection.

If this is the first option, then you must consult a doctor, because there is a possibility that he may prescribe treatment with antibiotics. In the event that it is triggered by a virus, the pain can be treated at home with the natural remedy mentioned above. The natural solution is very much appreciated by those who have used it, because it cures the inflammation of the tonsils and the pains of g & acirct & icircn only two hours.

The miraculous juice that gets rid of the dreaded back pain
To prepare it, you need 200 ml of water, 50 g of cumin, a tablespoon of honey vinegar and two teaspoons of honey. Once all these ingredients have been purchased, proceed to the actual preparation: the cumin is ground into a cup of coffee and boiled in a bowl of water for 30 to 40 minutes.

When a sticky and icy mixture is obtained, the composition is left to cool, after which vinegar and honey are added. Subsequently, the mixture is stirred until homogenous. Every 20 minutes, swallow a teaspoon of the natural remedy. In one hour, the symptoms improve, and the pain completely disappears after only two hours.

Child killed in a fight

child killed in a beating
Dandelion is especially useful, say phytotherapists, & ampicircn the treatment of biliary and liver diseases, & ampicircn biliary dyskinesia with intestinal disorders, hypoacid gastritis, [..]

What ministries does the PD-L want?

child killed in a beating
The last round of negotiations, which took place on Tuesday, between the PSD and PD-L leaders, brought us the list of ministries of the future government. It is not yet known how they will be distributed and who will [...] Other information about: 1-2-2, psd pdl, government portfolio distribution, notes emil boc

Romanian students won 74 medals at the International School Olympics

child killed in a beating
74 medals: 25 gold, 27 silver, 22 bronze, these are the results of Romanian students at the international school Olympics in 2005. National College of Informatics & quotTudor [..]

The trolley ticket will be paid by card or SMS

child killed in a beating
The software application of the new RATB and Metrorex joint card system will allow the subscription for public transport to be charged on mobile phones, according to NewsIn. [..]

Romania's population continues to decline

child killed in a beating
The decrease in Romania's population continued in November last year, following the declining trend of recent years. According to the most recent [..]

Murcielago LP640 even more aggressive

child killed in a beating
The specialists in tuning from edo competition brought a series of modifications to the Murcielago LP640 supersport model made by the Italians from Lamborghini. The changes made concern the dynamics of the car, [..]

Delicious autumn dinner: baked pumpkin with red cabbage salad, walnuts and parmesan

child killed in a beating
Do you want to prepare a delicious autumn dinner? We offer you a delicious recipe for baked pumpkin, very fragrant, with red cabbage salad, walnuts and parmesan. [..] Other information about: parmesan, nuts, salad, autumn recipes, pumpkin recipes, autumn dinner

Valentine's Day Recipes: Red Cakes

child killed in a beating
The red cakes are quick to prepare and are delicious. For these cakes you can use other colors. You can also try other creams, with vanilla, chocolate or fruit. You can serve them with a glass of white wine. [..] Other information about: sugar, butter, nuts, vanilla, sour cream, cakes, cheese, valentine's day recipes

Mutu gave up the contract with the Becali brothers

child killed in a beating
Romanian striker Adrian Mutu has broken the contract he had with his brothers Giovanni and Ioan Becali, considering them guilty for the problems he has with the Fiorentina club, the Italian press announces. "Mutu fired Becali. It's a theatrical hit that anticipates a [..] Other information about: becali brothers, contract, adrian mutu

Christmas customs and traditions festival at the Village Museum

child killed in a beating
Between December 10 and 12, at the Village Museum in Bucharest, the festival of Christmas customs and New Year "Dalbe Flowers" takes place. The opening of the festival takes place on Friday, December 10, from 12 noon. The festival is open daily until 17.00. [..] Other information about: village museum, carols, customs, Christmas

Sarmalute for the Christmas table

child killed in a beating
The festive Christmas meal is incomplete without the traditional sarmalute. A portion of steaming sarmalute with golden polenta is one of the joys of the Christmas meal, with family and dear friends. In the preparation of sarmalutes you can use, in addition to pork, beef [..] Other information about: Christmas food, pork, meat, cabbage, sarmale

Mobile phone advertising comes to Romania

child killed in a beating
Splendid Media Interactive & ndash provider that also offers mobile marketing services & ndash signals the optimistic results of a study recently published by AdMob, about advertising on [..]

Zidane leads France to the final

child killed in a beating
Twice defeated by France in the semifinals of the European Championship, Portugal started this match with a desire for revenge and a desire to achieve greater performance [..]

Medal of Honor comes on mobile phones

child killed in a beating
Electronic Arts Mobile Romania, the company producing games for mobile phones, a subdivision of the leader on the international interactive entertainment market & ndash Electronic Arts, has [..]

3 new models launched by Sony Ericsson

child killed in a beating
The first of them, K320, is a low-end phone, the successor to K310, which could be purchased at prices up to 120 euros, comes in exchange for a much wider range of [..]

Your mobile is more contagious than the sole of your shoes!

child killed in a beating
Most mobile phone users are not aware that their phone is a true colony of bacteria. It is well known that bacteria prefer conditions of [..]

AS Roma, unable to face the French champion

child killed in a beating
AS Roma, without Cristian Chivu, obtained only an equal result, 0-0, on their own field, in front of Olympique Lyon, in the first round of the eighth finals of the League [..]

Miccoli bit them!

child killed in a beating
I hoped until the last minute that Dinamo would draw at least a draw on the "Stadium of Light" and, in the way the match went, I was right. [..]

The veterinarian at your home

child killed in a beating
Finding a veterinarian who specializes in caring for your pet and is willing to travel to the client's home is certainly not an easy task, nor is it impossible. [..] Other information about: veterinarian, animals

How much does a healthy food diet cost

child killed in a beating
A diet rich in healthy foods, such as vegetables, fruits, fish, costs about 5 lei more than one in which semi-prepared foods predominate, according to a new study. [..] Other information about: fitness, nutrition, diet, healthy food

Lime and kiwi pie

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To be truly original for the holidays, we recommend a refreshing dessert that will surely impress your guests. Here's how to make a tasty lime and kiwi pie. [..] Other information about: dessert, pie, kiwi, lime, lime and kiwi pie, Holiday pie

Moroccan lamb sausage rolls with yogurt sauce

child killed in a beating
Moroccan lamb sausage rolls with yogurt sauce are a very tasty and easy to prepare traditional recipe, with which you will impress your guests in the blink of an eye! [..] Other information about: Moroccan rolls, yogurt sauce, lamb sausages

Creamy dessert without baking: energy bars with oatmeal

child killed in a beating
Oatmeal bars with oatmeal do not force you to use the oven, they are extremely simple to prepare and have a creamy texture. Enjoy them as a snack and enjoy the feeling of satiety that oats give you. [..] Other information about: energy bar, diet recipes, diet bars, chocolate bar

Moroccan flavor: chicken with almonds, apricots and chickpeas

child killed in a beating
Chicken with almonds, apricots and chickpeas is a dish of Moroccan origin that will pamper all your senses. Prepare it for your family this weekend and you will be able to impress everyone, from small to large! [..] Other information about: chicken recipes, almond recipes, oriental recipes, exotic recipes, lunch recipes

The hobbit, a box office record!

child killed in a beating
"The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug", distributed in Romania by Forum Film, set a new record for the Romanian box office: over 95,000 Romanians saw the film in cinemas in the first weekend of broadcast. [..] Other information about: the hobbit, 3d movie, the hobbit trilogy, the hobbit receipts, holiday movies

At least Christmas

at least Christmas
It was a frosty Saturday in 2008, when Grand Central Station in New York seemed to freeze. No, not the institution itself, but about 200 or so people who at 2.30 pm remained a stone sheepfold, to the surprise of the other travelers. Five minutes later, they resumed their work as if nothing had happened. This is, in short, one of the most successful flash mobs in the world. [..] Other information about: michael jackson, flash mobs, world flash mobs, Hallelujah Chorus, Frozen Grand Central, Symphonic Music

The pursuit of the perfect gift

at least Christmas
You probably remember the comedy in which Arnold Schwartzenegger desperately tries, on Christmas Eve, to get his hands on the toy much dreamed of by his boy, but also by all the other children in town! Although he made us laugh a little, I don't think anyone would want to be in his position of [..] Other information about: lingerie,, holidays

Nico Concert in Cismigiu Park

at least Christmas
& ampldquoCred in Santa Claus 2009 & amprdquo brings to Cismigiu Park in Bucharest between December 4-23 a series of concerts. On Saturday, December 5, 2009, they will perform starting with 19.00: [..]

Stefan Banica - Extraordinary Christmas Concert

at least Christmas
The beloved singer Stefan Banica will give the first Christmas concert of this year on December 10, starting at 7.30 pm, at the Palace Hall in Bucharest. [..]

Aurel Moldoveanu - Christmas concert

at least Christmas
Aurel Moldoveanu will give a Christmas concert on December 8, 2009 at the National Children's Palace in Bucharest. The concert will start at 7.30 pm. [..]

Stefan Banica - Christmas concert

at least Christmas
Stefan Banica supports the second show in the series of Christmas concerts on December 11, starting at 7.30 pm. The concert will take place at the Palace Hall in Bucharest. [..]

Christmas with Stefan Banica

at least Christmas
Stefan Banica supports the third show in the series of Christmas concerts on December 12, starting at 7.30 pm. The concert will take place at the Palace Hall in Bucharest. [..]

Stefan Banica - Christmas Concert 2009

at least Christmas
Stefan Banica supports the fourth show in the series of Christmas concerts on December 13, starting at 7.30 pm. The concert will take place at the Palace Hall in Bucharest. [..]

Costel Busuioc - Christmas Home 2009

at least Christmas
Costel Busuioc performs at the National Children's Palace in Bucharest on December 21, 2009, starting with 19.00. The show is part of the & ampquotAcasa de Craciun [..]

Christmas concert with Harry Tavitian and guests

at least Christmas
Harry Tavitian and his guests, Ion Baciu Jr. and Cserey Csaba, will give a Christmas concert on December 19, 2009, at the Romanian Athenaeum. The concert starts at 19.00. [..]

There are offers for Christmas 2008

at least Christmas
Those who like to book a place for the Christmas holidays in advance already have the opportunity to do so. [..]

Santa, for advice in the middle of summer

at least Christmas
In the middle of July, far from the winter holidays, Santa Claus is not on vacation, but consults with his other confreres at the 43rd edition of the World Congress of Santa Claus [..]

Christmas clothing store for puppies

at least Christmas
A luxury store with Christmas clothes for puppies has opened its doors in Amsterdam. One of the richest Dutchmen went shopping with his puppy, Queennie. On this occasion, [..]

Mihai Traistariu sings carols

at least Christmas
Mihai Traistariu started recording for his first carol album. On this project, the soloist works with Eduard Carcota, the author of the hit "Turnero", and with Andrei Tudor. The album [..]

Christmas trees, wait on the market

at least Christmas
Romsilva will sell over 130,000 firs and spruces during the winter holidays, at prices between 9 lei and 25 lei, said yesterday the director of the institution, Simion Maftei. On market, [..]

One third of Romanians give up Christmas presents

at least Christmas
For economic reasons, a third of Romanians say they will not spend anything on Christmas presents. According to a study conducted by GfK CR Academy Brussels in 12 European countries and in the USA, many Romanians will give up Christmas gifts this year. Countries where most people do not [..] Other information about: Christmas, gift

How much does it cost to bring Santa to your home?

at least Christmas
If you want to surprise your little ones or your loved ones, now you can even call Santa to come to your house to share the gifts you bought. For this, you will have to take a considerable amount out of your pocket. [..] Other information about: santa claus, rent santa claus, prices santa claus

Top 7 most beautiful Christmas trees in the world

at least Christmas
There are less than three weeks left until Christmas, and the big cities of the world compete more and more in the decorations specific to this holiday. Besides the lights that adorn the great arteries, the most important attractions are Christmas trees. Here are seven of the most beautiful fir trees in the world. [..] Other information about: Christmas trees in the world, Christmas trees, Christmas

The holiday lights are on in the Capital!

at least Christmas
The representatives of the Capital City Hall announced when the Christmas Fair in Bucharest starts, the largest in the country, which attracts 1 million visitors! With the fair, the holiday lights come on! [..] Other information about: Bucharest Christmas Fair, holiday lights

Christmas delicacies fairs

at least Christmas
In the period preceding the winter holidays, in Bucharest and in the country, numerous fairs open where visitors will find culinary delicacies, sweets and traditional products. Find out below which fairs you can check in the agenda for a rich Christmas meal! [..] Other information about: fairs, Christmas, Christmas fairs, Christmas delicacies

Prince William and Kate violate Christmas traditions

at least Christmas
Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, have decided to break the Christmas traditions of the British Royal House. The two will not spend Christmas with the rest of the royal family. [..] Other information about: winter holidays, christmas, prince william, kate middleton

Christmas chocolate crinkles

at least Christmas
Christmas chocolate crinkles are delicious cookies that bring home the flavor of winter holidays. Easy to prepare and very tasty, these cookies will quickly become the favorites of the whole family. [..] Other information about: sweets, Christmas, chocolate crinkles

The most beautiful Christmas movies that you should NOT miss

at least Christmas
Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. Now we can dream that everything is possible and, more than ever, we return to the joys and hopes of childhood, which we tend to forget for the rest of the year. And, apart from the specific decorations of the seon and the aromas of cake and gingerbread, nothing can make you enter the spirit of the winter holidays more easily than watching Christmas movies. [..] Other information about: christmas movies, movies, christmas

Roma Excellence Gala

at least Christmas
On Monday, December 22, starting with 19.00, at the Novotel Hotel, Paris Hall, within the event "The Gala of Excellence of the Roma" will take place [..] Other information about: Roma, gala

Where do you buy gifts for your loved ones? 4 Christmas fairs in Bucharest

at least Christmas
The winter holidays are knocking at the door, Santa Claus is getting ready to leave presents in his boots, and Santa Claus is coming from far away to leave generous gifts under the decorated Christmas tree. But where do all these gifts come from? If you are a calculated person and you like to buy gifts for your loved ones in advance, you can start thinking about Christmas fairs from now on. Not long after, they will spread the Capital and envelop the atmosphere with the irresistible smell of cotton wool on the stick and gingerbread with cinnamon. [..] Other information about: gift, christmas gifts, christmas offers, gift ideas, christmas fairs

Snowmen Cookies - Recipes

The last recipe for this year !! There were few, I know and rare, but I preferred to get involved in many humanitarian actions, civilian activities and I left the kitchen aside.
The recipe is simple, I made fragrant biscuits with butter and vanilla, and at the end I filled them with chocolate, then I decorated them in the form of reindeer.

440g flour,
2 yolks,
200g butter,
2 tablespoons sour cream / yogurt,
180g sugar,
a vanilla pod / vanilla sugar sachet bourbon Dr.Oetker.

For decoration:
50g dark chocolate,
a pack of M & ampM candies,
cream / royal icing.

Method of preparation:
Rub the soft butter with the sugar until it melts. Add sour cream, egg yolks, vanilla, flour and mix well.
Knead a ball of dough that is left to cool for an hour.
You have pictures in steps here.

Spread a sheet of dough and with a round shape of stainless steel / plastic or a glass - cut out circles. We redo the dough until we finish it. Careful! It dries quickly, it is good to divide the dough into two, three parts and keep it in the fridge until you finish the first piece. If it is too dry and crumbles easily, add another tablespoon of sour cream or yogurt.

Place the circles in the trays prepared with baking paper. Put the trays in the preheated oven at 170 degrees C and leave for 10-15 minutes until slightly golden. Remove to a grill and leave to cool.

decoration: With a little whipped cream or icing, stick M & ampM red candies on the bottom of the cookie. In the bag I found exactly 12 red candies, I made 12 stuffed biscuits, the rest was eaten: P

Melt the chocolate in the microwave or bain marie, then with a posh pen for decorations or a bag cut a little at the top or a toothpick, simply draw the reindeer horns and small eyes over the M & ampM candy.

As I have exactly 24 cookies left, I filled them with a chocolate ganache of 150g chocolate and 100ml liquid cream and so I had 12 reindeer :-)
With the melted dark chocolate with which I made the horns and eyes of the reindeer, I made the border of six filled cookies.


Have a New Year full of joy, luck, health and accomplishments!
Happy Birthday!

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